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Happy New Year! Introducing GEMM: the Gender Equity in Museums Movement

Happy New Year!

Welcome to the newly launched GEMM website and blog!

To kick off 2017, we thought we'd put some of our words and thoughts to action and have created this website as a resource for all things related to gender equity in museums.

Our story:

Sometimes one thing leads to another. And common interests lead to action. Anne Ackerson and Joan Baldwin met Jessica Ferey as part of their work on their first book, Leadership Matters, because of Jessica's thesis work on women leaders in the arts. The three crossed paths with Marieke Van Damme through her blog, Joyful Museums, and finally in person for "What We Talk About When We (Don't) Talk About Women," a roundtable discussion led by all four at AAM 2016. That presentation, and the completion of Anne and Joan's manuscript Women in the Museum: Lessons from the Workplace prompted the four friends to expand the circle to include Shruthi, Scarlett, Fernanda, and Matthew. From there, we created GEMM (Gender Equity in Museums Movement) and will continue to push for better equity in museums.

Introducing our website:

We are still working through the GEMM agenda and figuring out our next steps. But for now, we've created a website as a place to share all of the resources and news articles we've been collecting over the past year (or more) around the topic of gender equity.

Check out the Resources section and the various topics:

Join the Movement:

We're always looking to expand our reach and welcome more people passionate about gender equity to join our movement. If interested, just email:

Check back often for our suggested readings of the week as well as new resources we'll be posting.

In the meantime, we will you all a wonderful and equitable 2017!

- The GEMM team

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