Equity Best Practices and Sample Policies
Museums and the Cultural Sector

How A Group Of CEOs Plans To Solve Gender Inequality At Their Companies

American Historical Association. "Gender Equity in the History Workplace: Best Practices." 

Americans for the Arts: Statement on Cultural Equity

American Library Association (ALA).  Final Report of the ALA Task Force on Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion. June 2016. Based on the responses of three membership surveys, the task force identified 58 recommendations relating to the development and implementation of annual conferences and to “structural issues within the association and profession.”  Since this report is a final draft and not yet approved by the ALA, there may be additional revisions.​

Campaign for America’s Librarians: Advocating for Better Salaries and Pay Equity Toolkit


Association for Science and Technology Centers.  “ASTC Equity and Diversity Toolkit.

Association of Art Museum Directors: Next Practices in Diversity and Inclusion

The British Museum’s Equality and Diversity Policy. 2015. 


National Museum of Wales: Equality and Diversity Policy​. 


Gender Equality Scheme. Natural History Museum, England.

LGBTQ Alliance (an AAM Professional Network). Welcoming Guidelines for Museums. May 2016.

Rockefeller Foundation: Gender Equity 

Association of Science - Technology Centers: Equity and Diversity Toolkit for Museums and Science Centers 


TWIST (Towards Women in Science & Technology).  “Guidelines for communication activities on women in science to be implemented by Science Centres and Museums.”  2011. 

Moving Toward Gender Equity in the Canadian Theatre

To help women in opera, several institutions arise 


Beyond Museums

Why we're still so far behind on gender equality at work 

The four Ds needed to reduce gender bias in the workplace

Australia Research Council: ARC Gender Equality Action Plan 2015–16

Gates Foundation Pledges $80 Million, Calls for Greater Data Integrity to Advance Global Gender Equality

‘Blokey’ department’s action plan for gender equity

Pledge for Parity


Annie E. Casey Foundation.  Race Equity and Inclusion Action Guide: 7 Steps to Advance and Embed Race Equity and Inclusion Within Your Organization.  2014.  

How to Make Gender Equality at Work Matter to Everyone


Penn State University Libraries.  Strategic Plan to Foster Diversity, 2010-2015.  

This is really an implementation plan noting action items, projected outcomes, completion dates, and status updates.  The plan also includes strategic performance indicators, which are key, but often unarticulated, elements for success of measuring the efforts of any plan.


Final Report of the American Library Association: A Task Force on Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion

Gender Bias

Can You Spot the Gender Bias in This Job Description?”  Catalyst blog.  May 7, 2015. 

Get the Facts: Implicit Bias and the AAUW Implicit Association Test on Gender and Leadership


Women In Business: Here's How Firms Can Finally Tackle Gender Bias

https://biaswatchneuro.com/: Website tracks speaker composition of conferences in neuroscience. Has a nice ""Best practices for organizing a conference or putting together a panel. 

A Fix for Gender Bias in Health Care? Check


10 steps to confidently negotiate your salary

Women and Boards

Why getting more women on boards is so necessary

The Business Case for Advancing Women on Boards

A Diverse Board Is an Independent Board