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Call To Action

Women have a long and often storied history as museum founders, philanthropists, collectors, and volunteers. As both employees and volunteers, they were and are catalysts in the creation of museums large and small, building a legacy of successful preservation efforts, a commitment to education and public engagement, an early embrace of modernism, the creation of the first children’s museums, and breaking audience color barriers. 

Those of us in 21st-century museums are forever indebted to them for their courage, imagination, and entrepreneurship. As individuals, you honor their legacy and keep their vision alive by:

Don't Stay Silent

Start conversations and talk about gender equity at your workplace, or in your state, regional, or national museum association.  

Advocate for Change

Identify actions your museum can take to address equity issues. Advocate among colleagues and champions to move these issues to the top of leadership agendas.  

Create a Statement

Encourage your museum to create a values statement.
Museums that can’t state what they believe in
have a hard time
acting on those beliefs.

Talk to EMPs

Have conversations with emerging professionals about the next steps and aspirations for their careers and the field

Support Mentor Programs

Involve yourself in a mentorship program as a mentor or mentee, either inside or outside your museum. 

Address Workplace Equity

Make sure your museum’s strategic plan addresses workplace equity at all levels, from board members to staff to volunteers.

Follow GEMM

Engage with GEMM on Facebook and Twitter.  

Use #GEMMuseum in your social media posts.

Share Examples

Share examples of equity in practice with us at GEMM by emailing

Spread the Word

Share the manifesto widely. Help GEMM get people talking and thinking about equity.

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