About GEMM

The Gender Equity in Museums Movement (GEMM) is a coalition of individuals and organizations committed to raising awareness, affecting change, and championing transparency about intersectional gender equity in the museum workplace.
(Mission Statement, 8/3/2020)

To fulfill this mission, GEMM:

● Promotes equitable and transparent museum workplaces

● Provides direction and offers resources for museum workers

● Collects resources for individuals who are affected by workplace harassment

● Advocates for research and policy development addressing equity issues

● Forms alliances with organizations and coalitions working on related equity issues

Our story:  Sometimes one thing leads to another. And common interests lead to action. Anne Ackerson and Joan Baldwin met Jessica Ferey as part of their work on their first book, Leadership Matters, because of Jessica's master's work on women leaders in the arts. The three crossed paths with Marieke Van Damme through her blog, Joyful Museums, and finally in person for  "What We Talk About When We (Don't) Talk About Women," a roundtable discussion led by all four at AAM 2016.

That presentation, and the completion of Anne and Joan's manuscript, Women in the Museum: Lessons from the Workplace, prompted the four friends to expand the circle to include Shruthi, Lindsey, Fernanda, Matthew, Scarlett, Grace, and Amy. From there, we created the Gender Equity in Museums Movement and will continue to push for better equity in museums. 

Learn more about the GEMM Steering Committee.

Email gemmuseums@gmail.com for more info. 


Aja Bain

Aja Bain (she/her/hers) is an editor and cultural historian who serves as Program and Publications Manager for the American Association of State and Local History. She holds an M.A. in Public History from Middle Tennessee State University and a B.A. in American History and Anthropology from Vanderbilt University. 


Andrea Crivello

Andrea Crivello (she/her/hers) is a museum and library professional passionate about creating social impact through material culture and the public service side of cultural institutions along with equitable, ethical, humane cultures for working professionals. She holds a Master of Science in Nonprofit Leadership from the University of Pennsylvania, a B.A. in Art History, Theory & Conservation from Long Island University and master’s certificates in Contemporary Curatorial Studies and Museum Studies.


Ashanti Davis

Ashanti Davis (she/her/hers) is Exhibition Manager at Fleet Science Center. She joined the exhibitions department of the Fleet Science Center in February 2014 as a Tinkering studio coordinator. Now, as exhibition manager, she leads an interdisciplinary team in the development of unique experiences and exhibitions for visitors of all ages to the Fleet Science Center. 


Marieke Van Damme

Marieke Van Damme (she/her/hers) lives and works in Cambridge, Massachusetts, blogs at Joyful Museums, and podcasts at Museum People. Her museum areas of interest include workplace culture, equity, and making history relevant.

GEMM Co-Founder


Scarlett V. Hoey

Scarlett Hoey (she/her/hers) is the Director of Membership & Development for the New England Museum Association. She has helped coordinate professional development opportunities for museum folks, such as salary negotiation workshops for women and career conversations. Her past work experience includes ArtsWorcester, Isabella Stewart Gardener Museum, The Boston Athenaeum, Boston’s Old South Meeting House, and Brisbane's Newstead House.


Diana Murphy

Diana Murphy (she/her/hers) is a writer, editor, and digital content strategist and is Digital Production Coordinator at the Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco. She holds an M.A. in Museum Studies from Marist College / Istituto Lorenzo de’Medici and a B.A. in the History of Art and Visual Culture from the University of California, Santa Cruz.

Natasha Ransom_edited.jpg

Natasha Ransom

Natasha Ransom (she/her/hers) is the Education Specialist at the Museum of Pop Culture in Seattle and been working in arts education and program management for over a decade. She also co-produces Intersections, a comedy festival focused on equity, inclusion, and representation, and is passionate about creating systemic change to dismantle inequities connected to race, gender, LGBTQIA+ and people with disabilities.


Sophie Pugh

Sophie Pugh is part of a GEMM sub-committee helping to plan events and social media graphics. Pugh is a graduate of the Johns Hopkins program and currently works at the Thomas Jefferson Foundation.


Katie Reynolds

Katie Reynolds (she/her/hers) has been on the Steering Committee since 2017. She is passionate about making public history accessible and has been the Manager of Tour Services at Agecroft Hall & Gardens in Richmond, VA for 8 years. She has a B. A. in History from San Francisco State University.


Anne Mahoney

Anne Mahoney (she/her/hers) is part of a GEMM sub-committe helping to plan events and social media posts. She is a Louisianan public historian with research interests in historic preservation, conservation,  planning, and historic cemeteries. She is the Curator for the Capitol Park Museum in Baton Rouge, where she works with Director, Rodneyna Hart, to accomplish their mission. Prior to this role she curated and lead projects for  Vermilionville Living History Museum and Folklife Park. 

Thank You

  • Anne Ackerson (GEMM Co-Founder)

  • Grace Astrove

  • Joan Baldwin (GEMM Co-Founder)

  • Matthew Dickey

  • Tasia Duske 

  • Jessica Ferey (GEMM Co-Founder)

  • Heidi Lung 

  • Karen Marshall

  • Amy Mannarino

  • Shruti Mukund

  • Ashley Ross

  • Hope Shannon

  • Lindsay Steward