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About the Leadership Matters Blog

From 2013-2023, Leadership Matters was a blog conceived of and written by Joan Baldwin. Over a span of ten years and 402 posts, Joan addressed a significant number of issues facing the museum field inspired by her scholarship, professional and personal experiences, and by listening to her colleagues in the field. 

Joan is an experienced museum professional, having worked as a museum director and as the Curator of Special Collections at The Hotchkiss School. With Anne Ackerson, she co-authored Leadership Matters (Alta Mira 2013) and Women in the Museum: Lessons from the Workplace (Routledge 2017).


Together with Anne and others, Joan was instrumental in co-founding GEMM and pushing many initiatives forward including the white paper, Museums as a Pink Collar Profession. We are grateful to Joan's perseverance and leadership in improving the museum field for all workers.


In 2023, Joan passed the blog archive and future publishing rights to GEMM. We are honored to be the permanent home for the Leadership Matters Blog and to carry on Joan's insightful legacy.


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