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"10 on 10: Women in the Workforce" Old North Speaker Series: Virtual Presentations and Com

To commemorate Women's History Month, Old North is excited to offer its first digital Speaker Series program to celebrate influential women—past and present! 10 on 10: Women in the Workforce will bring together ten powerhouse women working in Boston today to each present on a visionary woman from Massachusetts history. Presentations will explore the evolution of women's professional identities and the ways in which each of these women have paved the way for equal rights. Afterward, stay online to join will a community conversation about intersectional feminism, pay equity, and what we can each do today to advocate for equal rights for all in the workplace.

Old North Speaker Series: Virtual Presentations and Community Conversation

10 on 10: Women in the Workforce

Speakers: Elise Couture-Stone, Scarlett Hoey, Dr. Lisa Wong, Jodie Smith, Jen Steele, Maddy Rodriguez, Dina Vargo, Chloe Lin, Marie Palladino, Casey Baines (Check back on our blog for more information about our incredible speakers!)

Community Conversation Facilitator: Rebecca Sivitz

Tuesday, March 31st, 2020

Presentations at 6:30pm, Community Conversation at 7:30pm

Old North Church & Historic Site

193 Salem Street Boston, MA 02113

We invite you to join us for this event on Tuesday, March 31, and would sincerely appreciate it if you could also share the webinar details throughout your organization and listservs. More info below!


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