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Before We Leave

Just so it’s clear—-

No whining on the journey.

If you whine, you’ll get stuck

somewhere with people 

like yourself. It’s an unwritten law.

Wear hiking boots. Pack food

and a change of clothes.

We go slowly. Endurance won’t

be enough. Though without it

you can’t get to the place

where more of you is asked.

Expect there will be times 

when you’ll be afraid,

Hold hands and tremble together

if you must, but remember

each of us is alone.

Where are we going?

It’s not an issue of here or there.

And if you ever feel you can’t

take another step, imagine

how you might feel to arrive

if not wiser, a little more aware

how to inhabit the middle ground

between misery and joy.

Trudge on. In the higher regions

where footing is unsure

to trudge is to survive.

Stephen Dunn And one last thought, if you're a member of the double X chromosome group, go get a copy of Debora Spar's Wonder Women: Sex, Power and the Quest for Perfection. We think there's a lot of food for thought.


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