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Museums Alaska 2018: Keynote by GEMM Co-Founder Marieke Van Damme

On September 14 GEMM Co-Founder Marieke Van Damme delivered the keynote address “The Joy in Our Work," for the Museums Alaska conference. Her address touched on the many issues facing museum workers, including perpetually under-resourced staff, lack of professional human resources departments, low pay with poor benefits, gender discrimination, and more. Marieke's talk focused on "bright spots" for museum workers and suggestions for improving one's own workplace culture. An edited version of the keynote will be in the upcoming book, Care and Keeping of Museum Professionals (Rowman & Littlefield, 2019).

Image courtesy of Marieke Van Damme. L-R: Zachary Jones, Alaska State Archives, Marieke Van Damme, GEMM Co-Founder, and Scott Bartlett, Pratt Museum.


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