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Museum CEO - Lowest Full-time Staff Salaries: Is the Ratio a Question of Numbers or Ethics?

  1. Someone needs to do some research on this for the museum world and make it available.

  2. Solving this isn't an entirely numeric issue. It's also an ethical issue.

  3. Boards and CEO's need to make sure they've dealt with the living wage/equitable wage problem for all staff.

  4. CEO's/ED's salaries need to have an ethical and reasonable relationship to staff's. Those numbers will differ based on a huge number of variables including museum location, operating budget, availability and size of endowment(s), number of staff, and museum discipline, but boards and leaders should be intentional about the ratio.

  5. It's important that boards and executive directors work staff salaries in an ethical direction. Has your organization tackled this problem? If so, what was the result? Joan Baldwin


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