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How Do You Track Accomplishments and Make Meaning from Them?

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  1. Make a chart: Divide your work life into its major headings--collections care, team management, professional development, and list the things you've done each week, month or year. Or just use a jar. But be sure to remember to empty it and read the contents.

  2. Progress and a sense of accomplishment are intimately linked to creativity. Do you have a job where you check your brain at the door? Then look for ways to raise the creativity quotient. Chart your accomplishments in your off hours--miles run, words written, volunteer hours logged.And if you're a leader?

  3. Check-in on your employees, don't check-up. Look for what's holding them back, and see how you can help. Remember that leaders remove barriers. Be a resource not a sheriff.

  4. See work as iterative. We learn, we accomplish, we get better at what we do. Don't make one-on-one meetings a laundry list of work yet to be done.

  5. Use the  progress checklist from Amabile and Kramer @ HBR:


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