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5 Questions to Help You Make Your Leadership Happen

  1. What makes you happiest at work?

  2. How do you manage a challenge and can you embrace and learn from failure?

  3. Who are your mentors and advisors?

  4. Have you made a list of your leadership qualities?

  5. If you're already working in the field, do your plans and values align with your museum or heritage organization? If you are a board member, director or department head, directly or indirectly responsible for hiring, know that the culture of your organization affects not only longtime employees and new hires, but the field as a whole. You are change agents. Here are five questions for you.

  6. Does your organization have a values statement? Have you read it recently?

  7. Does your organization have a HR policy and/or an HR department?

  8. What has your museum or heritage organization done to keep bias out of the interview room?

  9. What is the most important quality you (or your organization) looks for in new employees?

  10. When was the last time your board talked about staff salaries? Strategic planning isn't just for organizations. It's for individuals, too. No, it's not a panacea, but in an overcrowded field knowing what you want will help you move ahead of the pack. Joan Baldwin


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