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"When we graduated in 1993, my friends and I had big dreams for ourselves. More than two decades later I decided to find out if anyone’s had come true."

Blouin's 2016 Power List: High-Wattage Women of the Art World, Part 1 : "When Frances Morris took the reins of Tate Modern in London in January of this year, the art world took notice. She was not only the first Brit but also the first female to direct the vaunted art venue, highlighting how rare it is for female curators to achieve such recognition, despite the critical roles they play in the success of the institutions they serve. (According to the most recent study on the topic, released by the Association of Art Museum Directors, 75 percent of institutions with budgets in excess of $15 million are still helmed by men.)"

Blouin's 2016 Power List: High-Wattage Women of the Art World, Part 2 : "A number of recent and high-profile examples of female ascendency in the art world made it obvious to us, as we began formulating our latest Power List, that the old-boy network really is starting to yield. With that in mind, we decided to focus this year’s list on 50 powerful women. This is Part 2 — Collectors and Foundation Executives."

Pope Francis Names New Female Director of Vatican Museums: "The Vatican Museums, one of the world’s pre-eminent art collections, announced Tuesday that Barbara Jatta, an Italian art historian and longtime Vatican official, will become its new director, making her the first woman to hold one of the most prestigious jobs in the art world."

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