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MuseumLand Baby Boomers: The Need to Adapt

  1. If you're a Boomer, and you're asked, however impolitely, about why you're still working, be transparent: You love what you do and you're not ready to imagine life without it; you still have a contribution to make; you have children to launch and college educations to pay for.

  2. Encourage succession planning. Succession at every leadership level opens doors to Millennials and Post-Millennials.

  3. Whatever demographic you're in, be open to working, mentoring, and partnering across generations.

  4. Seek ways to reinvent yourself at home and at work. Do something new.

  5. Burnout can happen to anyone. Know when you're burnt out. If your A-game is mediocrity, move on.Joan Baldwin Image: "The Garbageman's Guide" 


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