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Museum HR: Size Small

drawing org chart
  1. a philosophy that staff are an investment rather than a cost?

  2. a commitment to investing in staff?

  3. knowledge about comparable nonprofit salaries, wages and benefits in its community or region?

  4. a willingness to apply that knowledge to the museum's staff?

  5. a network of philanthropic and corporate donors who could assist in strengthening the museum's human capital? Does your museum have:

  6. contextual data that can help board and staff leaders make decisions about staffing levels, salaries, wages, benefits, professional development needs?

  7. a staffing plan that specifies what positions, jobs and/or roles will be needed by the organization, usually over the next 12-36 months?

  8. attendant financial strategies and plans to support a staffing plan?

  9. a commitment to engaging staff about their professional development needs?

  10. HR policies and procedures that meet legal standards and best practices?Joan Baldwin


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