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Leading from Wherever You Are

  1. You lead when you listen.

  2. You lead when you don't interrupt.

  3. You lead when you turn the conversation to someone who hasn't spoken or perhaps never speaks and ask what they think.

  4. You lead when you sum up discussion, making sure you and your colleagues understand what's being asked of you.

  5. You lead when you model kindness and respect, and when you allow time for your colleagues to reflect on a new initiative.

  6. You lead when you partner with someone who never partners.

  7. You lead by raising your hand.

  8. You lead when you're not an eye-roller.

  9. You lead when you're enthusiastic about change. So if you dwell in the middle--not the corner office--tell us how you lead. Because honestly, if 10th graders can model this kind of behavior, adults should be able to as well. Joan Baldwin


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