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GEMM Steering Committee: Recruitment Needs

The Gender Equity in Museums Movement (GEMM) is looking for committed museum professionals to join its steering committee. Committee members work to promote GEMM’s mission of raising awareness about gender inequity in the museum workplace and offering resources for change. We are looking to build a diverse community of individuals, across race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, physical ability, and job positions as well as across geographic and/or museum discipline. Strong committee members will have a demonstrated commitment to gender equity issues—either through experience, education, strong professional network connections, writing, or presentations—and time to participate in one call a month and to work on projects, including writing blog and social media posts, presenting at conferences, and more.

Skill Sets GEMM is Looking for:

Writing and communication: Ability to write blog posts, position papers, and conference presentations. Willing and comfortable engaging with the media, if needed.

Presentation: At ease in front of an audience; can easily relay information and ideas, and solicit feedback.

Research: Develop and field data-gathering initiatives; synthesize and analyze information to share for GEMM projects and presentations, and our audiences.

Social Media: Skill and time to engage GEMM’s audiences via social media that elicits new insights and information, and input on GEMM initiatives.

Graphic Design: Develop and refine a consistent and compelling graphic identity across all GEMM platforms.

We hope you will join us in promoting gender equity in museums. To find out more, email

You can download and share our recruitment flyer by clicking here.


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