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What we're reading this week

We're only a bit more than a week into 2017 and there's already a slew of articles on the topic of gender equity, in museums and beyond.

Here's our weekly roundup of suggested readings. For more, check out our Resources page!

While more than a fifth of American men aren’t working, they aren’t running to new service-sector jobs. Why? They require very different skills, and pay a lot less.They’re also seen as women’s work, which has always been devalued in the American labor market.

How one small London theatre has rallied the big ones to recognize and address the gender gap on U.K. stages.

(Photo by Manuel Harlan)

To Help Women in Opera, Several Institutions Arise With the presentation of Kaija Saariaho’s “L’Amour de Loin” in December, the Metropolitan Opera finally broke a 113-year streak of not performing any operas written by women. It remains a difficult landscape for female composers, but there are institutions that advocate for them.

Meet the Women Fighting for America's First Women's History Museum America’s national museums cover a whole range of subjects—Air and Space, art of various designations (Asian, African, Portraits), as well as American history. Until now, however, there has been no museum to commemorate the myriad contributions that women have made to the country’s history. The bipartisan commission for the American Museum of Women’s History was created after Congress passed a bill to determine whether the museum was necessary, and if so, how the museum should be created. The commission, whose members come from diverse geographical and professional backgrounds from both sides of the aisle, submitted its report to Congress on November 16 and is currently working on putting its recommendations into practice.

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