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December 19, 2019

It's been quite a year, and the GEMM Steering Committee has been right there with you.

Below are some of our “must-reads” and "must-listens" from the past few months.

Goodbye, 2019! 

A non-authoritative guide to getting the job of your dreams

This article inspired me to k...

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Leadership Matters

Thoughts on 21st Century museum leadership by Anne Ackerson and Joan Baldwin


Equalarty is a web-based resource created to inspire and empower women arts leaders of tomorrow, featuring insights from interviews with established leaders in the field, in-depth research on the topic, and a compilation of other resources and references. 

Joyful Museums

Engaged museum workers will have a deeper commitment to the mission of a museum than a disengaged one, and they will strive for a higher quality product (exhibition, program, publication, etc.) for the public. Building off of the growing academic field of positive psychology, Joyful Museums intends to explore what being happy at work means, why it is important for the museum community, and how it can be accomplished.

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